How To Comfortably Create, Easily Launch and Effortlessly Manage An Appealing Free WordPress Website

by Filipino Virtual Assistance | Oct 2, 2020 | Virtual Assistants Tips | 0 comments

Creating a free WordPress website is one of the greatest advantages to boost your freelancing business. Websites nowadays are important, and with a free WordPress website, it’s a huge help. On our previous blog, we have shared to you how to create a free WordPress website. Coach Robbie of #FVACentral, Filipino Virtual Assistance Coaching by Robbie Jean Lorenzo shared how you can create a website from scratch!

Comfortably creating a free WordPress website

Some of the essentials discussed in the first video were the following:

1. Registration
2. Choosing a FREE domain name
3. Choosing the FREE site
4. Naming Your site
5. Optimising your website
6. Confirming email address

Easy launching a free WordPress website

In this second video, launching your free WordPress website is being shared.

There are two ways you can launch your free WordPress website.

1. Click the “launch your site” on the right side.

2. Click the pink one with the word “launch site.”

When you launch your site, always remember to click “Skip the purchase.” Then, you will be choosing the free domain name that you have chosen previously.

Again, they will be asking if you want to buy a domain name. Go for “not sure yet? continue with your free site. ” You can see this one in small font size. It’s because WordPress would like to highlight the paid ones.

Voila! Your site is already launched; thus, anybody can see your website now.

Effortlessly managing a free WordPress website

And to the third video which is about managing your FREE WordPress website. To manage your website, you will be going into the backend or the so-called “dashboard.” There, you can create pages, and even add posts.

Simply copy your website link but be careful because not everything you see on the link box is your website URL. Instead, only copy the word after the home and then, add “/wp-admin then, enter. You are now on your dashboard, and you can do a lot of things there.

A freelancing portfolio website will make your online job more effective. This will allow you to have a landing page for clients to see what you do and your expertise. The more you grow, the more you can showcase your experiences and value as a freelancer. And, with the benefits of a FREE WordPress website, you can MARKET yourself better.

This is PLAYING THE LONG GAME but it allows you to establish authority in the marketplace. And, instead of jumping from one contract to the other, make use of a freelancing website portfolio in attracting clients. Website is a great avenue to selling your services easier and better. No need to depend on freelancing platforms alone.

This is why creating, launching, and managing a freelancing portfolio website on WordPress is vital. WordPress is easy to navigate even by newbies.

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